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Warm Massage Candle
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smells like THANK YOU | Room & Linen Spritz
AED 65.00
put on SOMETHING SEXY | Room & Linen Spritz
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smells like THANK YOU | Scented Candle
AED 65.00

and so TO BED | Scented Candle

and so TO BED | Scented Candle
and so TO BED | Scented Candle
and so TO BED | Scented Candle

and so TO BED | Scented Candle

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Fresh, citrussy lemon to relax your muscles. Bergamot to tame tension and silence the mind. Add in exotic, ultra-relaxing musk… and suddenly everything’s just dreamy.

With just the strike of a match, transform your space and your mood. Passionately crafted and hand poured, each candle features a luxurious exploration of premium, high-quality scents and oils, 100% natural soy wax and cotton wicks to ensure an un-intrusive glow with a slow and steady burn. Carefully curated and packaged in a matte black recyclable jar with a stand out label to match the scent to a name that depicts the brand’s personality. Consider them an essential, non-negotiable accessory to your self-care routine or the perfect statement gift.

Total burn time – 46 hours 

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Pop in the microwave for 2 mins for that 'just spa-aaahed' bliss
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Like IN-SPA post massage
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Up the ante on your self-care routine with the Uplifting CBD Body Oil & 30ml CBD Balm from KLORIS
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From our customers

I’ve always been a huge fan of the SENSASIA group. I’ve tried out a few of their venues and they just get it right every time. To be honest, they blow the five star hotels out of the water

– Naomi Chadderton

Honestly one of my favourite spas in the world, each location as good as the other. Affordable, impeccable service, and they pay attention to the little details. SENSASIA, you just get it right. #SpaGoals

– Alexandra Venison

The SENSASIA experience could hardly be better. It is clear the staff are experts

– William Buckley

I can see why SENSASIA is widely regarded as Dubai’s best spa for pre- and postnatal treatments. I felt entirely confident that I was in the hands of experts, providing both myself and my bump with a medically safe treatment. I also left feeling utterly revived, which is no mean feat in my eighth month of pregnancy.

– Courtney Moorfield

SENSASIA has been on speed dial since I arrived in Dubai. From innovative treatments, to the best ginger tea in town, it is truly my retreat from the chaos of daily life.

– Helen Farmer

Ask any beauty editor or spa obsessive of their favourite city retreat and we guarantee that SENSASIA would be on the top of their list.

- Diana Bellheather