Heated Therapy Pillow

Heated Therapy Pillow
Heated Therapy Pillow

Heated Therapy Pillow

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The SENSASIA lavender heat therapy pillow was designed to help you unwind and recover after a long day at work, at home or at the gym. SENSASIA Spas know the importance of relaxation not just for the body but also for the mind. The aromatic power of added lavender eases anxiety, calms nerves and promotes a good night’s sleep. The benefits of our therapeutic microwave pillow don't stop there though, it provides targeted pain relief where you need it most as it molds to your body in a way that a traditional electric heating pad cannot. No need to worry about cords or be stuck next to an outlet. You can even fall asleep with it safely. Sit or lay down and relax wherever you are most comfortable. Simply microwave for two minutes and enjoy 40 minutes of consistent heat. When you need more, just put it back in the microwave, reheat and place it on the affected area. This heated therapy pillow is brought to you exclusively by SENSASIA Spas.

Easily reheat. The lavender microwavable neck pillow can be heated for two minutes and retains heat for up to 40 minutes. No need to be chained to an outlet.

Portable. Our lightweight microwavable heating pillow can quickly be thrown into your purse or bag and taken with you on the go. Easily use at home or the office. Safe to fall asleep with for all ages.

Targeted pain relief where you need it most. Our neck pillow gently molds to your body and can be used in a number of ways. Place on your neck, upper or lower back, legs or belly for period cramps.

Relieve stress use with 2 drops of SENSASIA Lavender Essential Oil and promote further relaxation, ease anxiety, calm nerves and help the user fight insomnia.

Remove toxins from the body and promote consistent circulation with heat therapy. Pain often comes from a build-up of lactic acid after heavy activity. Therapeutic heat helps circulation remove lactic acid.


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